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General (BG)
Acid blew off me roof,
And the vault of heaven above me rings with silence,
And the whole of nature is empty with its special the void.
General! Allow me to enter without a report;
Don't shoot at me, let's sit for half an hour in silence.
I wanted to tell You... – although, it may be better no need:
All that can be said, without that, is already seen by me.
We are sick, that we so many years drink this wash, and, into the bargain,
For us in no way already no distinguish, where enemies are, where friends are:
General! Ah, let's leave better to the dacha –
To extract acid from the pine needles.
In the forests near Moscow leaf fall – merrier than medals;
Instead of rusty bayonets – bacchanalia of white birches.
And reserve stock, general, – that which for us they given short,
Order to staff, let they spend it for the girls and goats.
Let them live, as they want, but we with You – by the narrow path:
Leaf fall, the philosophy, a flask and a cup of wine;
So in the moonless night the essence of the Heavenly Empire will open up for us:
Ah, we should memorize it – and Russia is again saved.

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